O Homem dos Sonhos (2020)
a chamber opera based on a homonym novel by Mário de Sá-Carneiro (in English: The Dream Man). Commissioned by the Companhia de Ópera do Castelo, Lisbon. Teatro Municipal São Luiz (Lisbon, 2022), with Ópera do Castelo.

Circumnavigare (2019)
for cello and orchestra. Written for the Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa. The première will take place in November 2019.

Lost (2018)
for recorder and electronics. Commissioned by Associação Arte no Tempo (Aveiro, Portugal). Premiered in Lisbon at the National Conservatory on the 26th of May, 2018.

Travelling (2018)
for guitar duo. Commissioned by Associação Arte no Tempo. To be premiered in Aveiro on the 23th of March 2019 during the Reencontros de Música Contemporânea festival.

La barque (2018)
for cello and doublebass. Commissioned by the Portuguese chamber music group Duo Contracello. Premiered in Madrid on the 18th of December 2018 at the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid (Spain).

Reconditarmonia (2017)
for solo trombone. A tribute to Constança Capdeville, organized by Universidade Nova de Lisboa. To be premiered on October 8th, 2017.

Quatro Fantasmas (2017)
for piano / left hand. Commissioned by Festival Internacional Música da Primavera of Viseu (Portugal). Premiered in Teatro Viriato, Viseu, by André Roque Cardoso on April 24th, 2017.

Recifes (2016)
for solo violin.

Dance of the Fool (2016)
for solo percussion. Commissioned by the Cistermúsica Festival of Alcobaça (Portugal). The premiere will find place in Alcobaça on July 23th, 2016, by Manuel Campos.

Paysages (2015)
for recorder and pianoforte. Commissioned by Helena Marinho and António Carrilho. Premiered in Palácio Foz (Lisbon), March 9th, 2015.

Lumine clarescet (2015)
For chamber choir with 18 mixed voices. Commissioned by Les Éléments (Toulouse). Premiered at the Cathedral Saint-Étienne of Toulouse on May 5th, 2015.

Audivi vocem (2015)
For chamber orchestra. Commissioned by Orquestra XXI. The première is scheduled for December 16th in Madrid.

Elegias Chinesas (2014)
For soprano and chamber orchestra, upon poems by Camilo Pessanha. Commissioned by Casa da Música, Porto for the Remix Ensemble. Premiered in Casa da Música, Porto, November 18th, 2014).

A Wilde Mass (2014)
For 12 voices and organ, upon words by Oscar Wilde. Commissioned by Ensemble Musicatreize. Premiered in Marseilles, June 30th, 2014.

Yemaya’s Song (2013)
For toy piano, two kalimbas and bongos. Dedicated to Drumming Grupo de Percussão.

Quatro canções para Inês (2013)
For soprano and piano, upon poems by Bocage and Natália Correia. Commissioned by Cistermúsica Festival (Alcobaça, Portugal). Premiered in Alcobaça, July 17th, 2013.

Música de cena para Santo Antão (2012)
For flute/picc, B flat/E flat clarinet, piano, violin and cello. Commissioned by Sond’Ar-te Electric Ensemble. Premiered in Cascais, Portugal, June 1st, 2012.

Six mélodies japonaises (2011)
For mezzo soprano, guitarr, barythone saxofone and piano. Commissioned by Grupo Síntese (Guarda, Portugal). Premiered in Guarda, November 5th, 2011.

Chants de Teika (2011)
A song cycle for mezzo soprano and piano upon old Japanese poems by Teika. Work dedicated to the singer Mariana Rewerski and the pianist Victoria Harmandjieva.

…aquilo que voa (2009)
For large orchestra, commissioned by the National Orchestra of Porto. Premiered in Casa da Música, Porto, in April 2010. Published by Fermata Porto. CD recording available by Casa da Música 2011.

1st String Quartet (2009)
Commissioned by Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos, for the Matosinhos String Quartet. Premiere Matosinhos. October 1st, 2009

Mares I/Falésias, Mares II/Cavalos Marinhos, Mares III/Ilha de Moçambique (2008-9)
A three part piece upon maritime impressions, for 6 percussionists. Work dedicated to the Drumming Percusssion Group. Premiere: Festival Dias da Música Portuguesa, CCB, Lisbon, 13/07/08.

Tombeau de Marie Stuart (2007)
For chamber orchestra, co-commissioned by Casa da Música Porto and Klangforum Wien. Premiered in Casa da Música in November 2007 by Klangforum. Recording available (Portugaler 2010).

Cassandra’s Songs (2007)
Three songs for high voice and piano upon a free adaptation from The Trojans, by Euripides. Premiered in Aveiro, 2007. Recording available (Numérica, 2008).

A boca (2006)
Solo piece for bassoon, commissiond by Casa da Música, Porto, premiered in September 2006 by Roberto Erculiani during the Musica Festival of Strasbourg. Recording available (Portugaler, 2010).

Vaidade (2006)
One song for high voice and piano upon a poema by Florbela Eespanca. Commissioned by the Town Hall of Matosinhos. Premiered in Matosinhos in December 2006. Score published by Fermata (Porto). CD recording by Numérica, 2007.

As Feiticeiras (2005/6)
Scenic cantata commissioned by the Ensemble Musicatreize (Marseilles), upon an original poem by Maria Teresa Horta. Premiered in March 2006 in Marseilles, at the Théâtre Les Bernardines. Recording available by Actes-Sud, 2006. Production awarded with a Victoire de la Musique (Radio France 2007).

Serei só eu... (2005)
For soprano and string quartet, upon Richard Wagner’s text of Isolde’s Liebestod (translated by Jorge de Sena). Premiere: Arnold Schoenberg Center, Vienna, 2005. Commissioned by Ensemble Wiener Collage (Vienna).

Cicuta (2005)
A song cycle for soprano and piano, upon poems by Maria Teresa Horta. Premiere: Casa da Música, Porto, 2005. Commissioned by Casa da Música, Porto. Recording avaliable (Portugaler, 2010).

Naishapur (2003)
Seven songs for baritone, piano and percussion, upon poems by Omar Khayam / Fernando Pessoa. Premiere: Jeunesses Festival, French Embassy, Vienna, 2004. Commissioned by the Jeunesses Festival of Austria.

Deep Water Music (2002)
For drum quartet. Premiere: Viriato Theatre of Viseu (Portugal), 2002. Work commissioned by the Drumming Percussion Group (Porto).

Zwei Kleinbauern Liede (2002)
Two songs for tenor and piano, upon poems by Raphael Urweider. Premiere: Iberia Festiva, Zurich, 2002. Commissioned by the Musikhochschule of Zurich/Winterthur.

...pour les temps glissants... (2002)
Four pieces for violin, viola, cello and bass clarinet. Premiere: Serralves Museum (Porto), 2002. Commissioned by Grupo de Música Contemporânea de Lisboa.

Quatrains du Secret Estude (2002)
For a capella chorus, upon texts by Nostradamus. Premiere: Zwolle, 2004. Commissioned by the Nederlands Kamerkoor of Amsterdam. Published by Fermata (Porto).

Melodias Estranhas (2000/2001)
A chamber opera with a libretto by Gerrit Komrij. Premiere: Stadsschouwburg, Rorredam, 2001. Commissioned by the cities of Porto and Rotterdam, European Capitals of Culture in 2001. Score published by Fermata (Porto).

What the Mountain and the Afternoon said (1999)
For piano. Dedicated to Marino Formenti who premiered this piece at the Los Angeles County Museum in 2000.

Non altro (1999)
Five songs for tenor, piano and electronics, upon texts and poems by Michelangelo. Premiere: Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, 2000. Commissioned by Casa de Mateus Foundation (Vila Real, Portugal).

Four Cartoons (1999)
Four pieces for prepared marimba. Premiere: International Music Festival of Aveiro, 2001. CD recording by Pedro Carneiro (Deux Elles, 2003).

Moh (1998)
For chamber orchestra. Premiere: Wien Modern Festival, Konzertsaal, Vienna, 1998. Commissioned by Teatro Nacional de São Carlos (Lisbon), in a co-production with Klangforum Wien. Score published by Fermata (Porto). Recording available (Portugaler, 2010).

3 Consolations (1996/98)
Concerto for recorder and chamber orchestra. Premiere: Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, 1999. Work commissioned by the Gulbenkian Foundation. Score published by Fermata (Porto).

Sept Épigrammes de Platon (1997)
Seven songs for soprano and piano, upon Plato / Yourcenar. Premiere: Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, 1997. Commissioned by the ACARTE department of the Gulbenkian Foundation. Score published by Musicoteca (Lisbon). Recording avalilable (Portugaler 2010).

O Céu sob as Entranhas (1996)
Nive songs for baritone and piano trio, upon poems by Luís Miguel Nava. Premiere: National Theatre of São Carlos, Lisbon, 1996. Commissioned by the Portuguese National Radio (RDP Antena 2).

A Ascensão de Ícaro (1994/95)
Piano concerto. Premiere: Xth International Music Festival of Macau, 1996. Commissioned by the International Music Festival of Macau.

Angkor (1995)
Dance suite for viola and piano. Premiere: Gaudeamus Week, De Ijsbreker, Amsterdam, 1995. Dedicated to the KammerensembleN (Stockholm). CD recording available (Numérica, 2004).

Afonso Domingues, por exemplo (1994/97)
Seven songs for tenor and piano, upon poems by Paulo Lages, dedicated to Marcel Beekman (tenor) and Hans Adolfsen (piano). Premiere: Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, 1997.

Cânticos para a Remissão da Fome (1990/94)
Chamber opera, with a libretto by Paulo Lages, based on Margarethe Buber-Neumann’s book ‘Milena’. Premiere: Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisboa, 1994. Commission by the ACARTE department of the Gulbenkian Foundation.

Songs of the Beginning (1992)
Songs for coloratura soprano and piano upon texts by Lao-Tze. Premiere: De Ijsbreker, Amsterdam, 1992. (Awarded by the Dutch Composers Association). Score published by Donemus (Amsterdam).

Antinous (1990/92)
Three pieces for large orchestra and string quartet. Premiere: Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon,1994.

Meghasandesham (1989/90, rev.1992)
For string quartet and harpsichord. Premiere: Gulbenkian Fundation, Lisbon, 1990.

Tres Gacelas (1988/89)
Three songs for mezzo soprano and chamber orchestra, upon poems by F. Garcia Lorca. Premiere: “The Unanswerd Question” Festival, De Unie, Rotterdam, 1989.

Piano Sonata (1987)
Premiere: “The Unanswerd Question” Festival, De Ijsbreker, Amesterdam, 1988. Recorded on CD by Nancy Lee Harper (Numérica, 1999).

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